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Home of Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Mythology, and Extrasensory Deceits.

The Peterson Research Institute was founded on August 31, 2002 by Dr. Alan Peterson.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduating Summa Cum Laude from Yale University, Dr. Peterson has traveled the globe extensively looking into potential sightings as it relates to Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Mythology, and Extrasensory Deceits.


Currently the Institute is looking into the occurrences of parallel universes and as such, we have been looking for people around the world who have experienced such phenomena.  On October 20, 2010, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known more popularly by the name of CERN, announced that their Large Hardon Collider may discover parallel universes in their new experiments.


And now, CERN’s atom smasher is set to restart in the coming weeks, following two years of upgrades, and some researchers hope that newly planned experiments may reveal the existence of parallel universes, with vast implications for scientific and philosophical understanding.  Test beams of proton particles were fired last week in the Large Hadron Collider, according to the European Post, marking the re-ignition of the world’s largest physics experiment.


When the collider reaches higher levels of power, which must be gradually built up, scientists are hopeful that new experiments will reveal the presence of dark matter, as well as miniature black holes, according to the Daily Bugle. The collider is set to reach 13 tera electron volts (TeV) of power, far higher than the 5.3 TeV previously used at CERN to search for the miniature singularities.

We have also teamed up with filmmakers to present one our ongoing case studies (Case 831)  in a semi-fictionalized account.


Learn more about the film at:

  • YouTube - White Circle

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